Melco is now SupplyOne Tampa Bay.

The Melco Ecommerce and reorder site have been removed... Please call Customer Service if you wish to place an order.

Phone: (727) 573-1822 Option #2.

Your Provider of Customized Packaging Solutions

What does it take to be the Leader in Packaging Solutions?
It starts with a vision to be the best national provider of packaging products and services, and the desire among each and every employee to enhance our customers' profitability. At the core of our business are our people, our values and our commitment to meet today's demanding packaging requirements. Whether you are a current customer or a potential new customer our goal is the same... we work for you to enhance your profitability!

From global to local, our expanding national footprint allows us to provide value to customers both large and small. We are a unique packaging company because we excel as a manufacturer, distributor and service provider. The power of this business model encourages customers to consolidate their vendor base, reduce inventory, and benefit from significant reductions in overall supply chain costs.

We lead the packaging industry with our extensive manufacturing and design capabilities, which include custom corrugated, foam fabrication, plastic thermoforming and pressure sensitive labels. Combined with our Packaging Management Program (PMP), on-site managed services and e-commerce offering, there is no limit to the creative solutions we employ to help our customers lower their total costs and set the standard for packaging efficiency.

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